9th Grade Guidelines


  • Instrumental ensembles ONLY
  • A 9th grader will only be eligible for SAC with a score of V/95 or VI/88 (slightly lower for uncommon instruments). This is considered an honor opportunity for the 9th
  • Teachers must check off on Application Form “A”, whether a 9th grader is being recommended for SAC and this form must be received by Donna Guglielmo one day prior to the SAC selection meeting.
  • No 9th grade Application Form “A” should be handed to the SAC chairperson by the teacher. Only forms received by DG by the deadline will be given to the SAC chairs and be considered.
  • The original Application Form “A” with accompanying NYSSMA score sheet must be given to the JAC chairs at the JAC selection meeting.
  • In the extenuating circumstances of a 9th grader being needed at both SAC and JAC (because of instrumental needs), Executive Council must approve first.
  • If a 9th grader has two NYSSMA scores on different instruments, they can be in JAC with one instrument, and be chosen for SAC honors on the other.
  • A 9th grader being chosen for SAC is based solely on score, and can in fact, “bump” an upper classman with a lower score.