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All-County Festival Greivance Requirements are as follows:
  1. Any student selected for All-County must attend all of the scheduled rehearsals. Excuses will not be accepted for any absences.
  2. Students are not to leave the Festival Site at any time during the festival without the advance permission of the RCMEA President or his assignee. Permission will be granted for emergencies only. Any student leaving the site will not be permitted to return, and will not be permitted to participate in the performance.
  3. If a student is unable to attend any part of a festival, their teacher should immediately contact the appropriate chairperson so that an alternate may be assigned. Individual teachers are not to assign alternates of their own choosing, and teachers should not send additional students to festivals. Changes in the published All-County lists shall be made by the appropriate chairperson only, or by the RCMEA Executive Council.
  4. In order to expedite their resolution and minimize their impact on student participation, grievances on or before the Festival Date should be addressed to the appropriate Ensemble Chairperson. If a grievance remains unresolved at the Ensemble level, it can be appealed to the Festival Chairperson. The Festival Chairperson shall then, at their discretion, mediate the dispute or refer it to the RCMEA President or his designee. The President shall, at his discretion, either mediate the grievance or refer it to the Executive Council for consideration. The decision of the Executive Council in all grievances shall be final. All grievances after the Festival Date shall be referred to the RCMEA President for consideration by the Executive Council.


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